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Pygmy Date Palm    (Phoenix roebelenii)

Southeast Asia

Pygmy date palm is one of the most widely used landscape palms in the United States. This palm's small stature, slow growth, easy care and graceful crown have made it a popular accent plant in tropical settings. They are one of the most adaptable palms for container growing. Pygmy palms do best with regular feeding and watering; they should not be allowed to dry out. If located in full sun, water 3 times per week in summer months and at least 2 times per week in winter weather.  Shade locations usually will use less water.  If used in heavy shade hose down leaves bi-weekly to avoid dust and insect problems.

Versatile tropical palm for use in full sun or shade!

Great with Queen palms or alone as tropical accent around pools.

Slow to moderate grower, 6" to 1 ft year, to 12 feet.

Usually sold as multi-trunk plant but singles available.

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Pb160235.jpg (55536 bytes)           PhxRoeb15GLRG.jpg (114415 bytes)           PhxRoeb25GLrg.jpg (104415 bytes)                           
      3 Gal                        15 Gal                        25 Gal            

Larger sizes available - call for sizes and prices

Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletRegular sufficient watering (2-3 times a week)
bulletRegular use of granular palm food or palm fertilizer spikes
bulletProtect from frost (under 28) if located in colder valley areas.






3 gallon  

1.5 feet

7 gallon

3 feet

15 gallon

4 feet

15 gallon

4.5 feet

25 gallon

5 feet

25 gallon


8 feet


Larger sizes available, call for heights and pricing

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