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Sabal Palm    (Sabal palmetto)

Southeastern United States

Great tropical accent!

The state tree of both Florida and South Carolina, Sabal (Cabbage) palm is one of the most widely used native palms in the country. They adapt well to many types of soils and weather conditions. Thriving in our hot summers, and hardier to cold than most palms, Sabals are well suited to Phoenix, Tucson, Kingman and colder areas. Large thornless tropical leaves add dramatic lush effect to pool areas. Regular watering and occasional feeding for best results. Reduce water once established (1 year or more) for slower growth.  Mexican sabals tend to have more compact growth.

Easy care with moderate to fast growth. 

Regular watering and occasional feeding for best results. 

Reduce water once established (1 year or more) for slower growth.

15 G Sabal.JPG (122011 bytes)            20 G Sabal.JPG (126243 bytes)

15 Gal                                20 Gal

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Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletRegular watering (twice weekly)
bulletOccasional feeding with palm food

All Arizona Grown!

Container Planted Height & Width

15 Gallon 3 feet

20 6 feet

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