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Silver Mediterranean Fan Palm    

(Chamaerops humilis var.'cerifera')

Atlas mountains Morocco

This selection of the European fan palm is native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, growing up to 5,400 ft. elevation where it receives occasional snow cover. 

Instead of green foliage, this variety has silver leaves. It will adapt to many soil types as long as they have good drainage! Very slow growing, it makes a good container plant. Likes full sun, but retains an excellent appearance in part shade. 

Best with regular watering and occasional feeding.


New distinctive hardy palm suitable for desert or tropical landscapes.

Great in full sun with a low clumping growth habit, 2" to 4 " year.

Very easy to grow.  Cold tolerant.

Silver Meds002.JPG (456294 bytes)        Silver Med Fan 5 G.JPG (156046 bytes)        Silver Med Fan 15 G.JPG (159028 bytes)           

Silver leaves!              5 Gal                     15 Gal  

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Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletPlant with sand for adequate drainage.
bulletRegular watering (twice weekly)
bulletOccasional feeding with palm food

All Arizona Grown!



Height & Width 

5 gallon 1 x 1 ft   
15 gallon  2 x 2 ft  

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