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Sago Palm    (Cycas revoluta)

Not a true palm, Sago is a member of the prehistoric family of cycads.

A great tropical accent for shade or full sun.

Excellent for containers indoors (in bright light) or outdoors.

Slow growth, usually 2" to 6" per year.

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       3 Gal                         20 Gal                     25 Gal

Large specimens available - call for sizes and prices

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Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletRegular watering and feeding with palm food, especially in full sun.
bulletPlant with sand to allow good drainage.
bulletIn covered areas rinse leaves frequently to remove dust. 




Ht & Width

3 gallon  18 x 18"


7 gallon 2 x 2 ft  
15 gallon 3 x 3 ft  
25 gallon 4 x 4 ft  
45 gallon 5 ft +  

Large specimen sizes available, please call 

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