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Pindo or Jelly Palm        (Butia capitata)

Central Brazil & Argentina

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Pindo palm is the hardiest feather-leafed palm for landscape use.  The arching, blue-green leaves are crowned with many upward pointing leaflets that form a pronounced V-shape.  This species can vary considerably in nature, the forms differing in ultimate height, trunk thickness, leaf color and amount of arching, and fruit color and taste.  Pindo fruits can be very sweet with a flavor some find reminiscent of a pineapple/banana mixture. Moderate watering with occasional feeding.

Hardy feather- leafed palm from Argentina

Color can vary from medium green to blue green

Slow growth, will tolerate some frost in colder areas 

Pindo 15 g.JPG (63036 bytes)            Pindo 20 G.JPG (65456 bytes)

    15 gallon                     20 gallon

Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletGive adequate drainage when planting.
bulletRegular watering (twice weekly)
bulletOccasional feeding with palm food

Arizona Grown!

Container Planted Height 

7 Gallon n/a
15 Gallon 3 feet

20 Gallon 5 feet
24"  Box 4 feet

More sizes available, please call 

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