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Mexican Blue Fan


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Mexican Blue Fan     (Brahea armata)

Baja Peninsula, Mexico

Mexican blue (or blue hesper) palm thrives in dry coastal or desert regions where, despite its slow growth rate, it is prized for its dramatic canopy of ice-blue leaves and long showy inflorescences (flower stalks).  Attractive in both desert and tropical landscapes, this versatile palm takes infrequent watering and feeding once established.   Brahea elegans is a similar color but with faster upright growth.

Slow to moderate growing  fan palm, native to Baja California, Mexico

Blue-green leaves offer interesting color contrast in any landscape

Equally attractive in desert or tropical gardens

Mexican  Blue 15 G.JPG (153788 bytes)                                                    

15 Gallon                20 gallon                   

Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletGive adequate drainage when planting.
bulletRegular watering (twice weekly)
bulletOccasional feeding with palm food

 Arizona Grown!                              




15 gal

3 feet

20 gal

4 feet

45 gal

5 feet

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