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Cardboard Palm        (Zamia furfuracea)

The most popular of the Zamias (one of the Cycads) from Mexico

Needs filtered sun or shade outdoors and bright light indoors 

Slow to moderate growth, great for containers - easy to grow

Cardboard 3 n 7 gallon .JPG (64904 bytes)        Cardboard 25 G 9.26.03.JPG (53392 bytes)

3 and 7 gallon        25 gallon

Keys to Optimum Health:

bulletGive adequate drainage when planting.
bulletRegular watering (twice weekly),  indoors will require less water
bulletProtect from frost (under 28) if located in colder valley areas.
bulletOccasional feeding with palm food.


Container Planted Height & Width

3 Gallon 18 x 18"

7 Gallon 2 x 2 feet

15 Gallon 3 x 3 feet
25 Gallon 4 x 4 feet

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